Thursday, January 10, 2008

Satu Muharram detik permulaa..permulaan thn Islam...

Hijrah...Perpindahan nabi dan umat Islam..
dr kota Mekah ke Kota Madinah..
Atas keyakinan dan iman yg teguh...

Keep singging this song during Maal Hijrah...and a compulsory song for a nasyid competition during my primary school (maleh nak citer..sbb kalah).

1429 ..New year should come with a new resolution... many things to do and I feel like to 'demam' today. Headache with stars around me..
not 'winkel winkle litel star' like Ikram always sing..

So here I am, end up with writing this blog..
btw ema and zaidah are moving today, until this moment still thinking to 'jenguk' or not.
may be wait until the stars around me dissapear..

So today I would like to write about my mum who her birthday is on the 3rd January.

engkaulah ratu hatiku....
Who is my mum?
A good Mother, of course, who give me her truly love and I can always feel it in the deep of my heart. This love make me stronger and confidence to face any difficulties in my life...
Who is my mum?
A good teaher, of course, who teach me how to survive in this temporary life.. She sometimes said to me "use your common sense". yes, not all things should be told how to do...especially during cooking.." Mak, bawang ni nak potong camner..sayur nie dh masak ke belum" he..he..
and during PhD, can I work independently?
My mother was also a teacher in her real life..taught science and BM. In one night before PMR, my mum asked me some science questions that should be answered orally. It was really helpful, thanks mum.
Who is my mum?
A good writer, of course, a teacher must be good in writing especially to write the teaching plan. My mum really has this skill, may be inheritanced from my grandfather who was also a teacher. My grandfather had won a considolation prize for short stories competition organized by dewan bahasa dan pustaka (DBP). My mum told me to write a short sentence instead of a long long sentence like "Masa itu emas.",the first sentence of my mum's essay during MCE. After MCE, my mum also got an offer to write a textbook. Hopefully, I have this skill too. I really need it escpecially for my PhD....May be I have it but I don't realise it ( nak sejukkan hati..he..he..)
Who is my mum?
A mum who can speak and write in English, of course, because my mum got her education in an English school. Then further her studies in 'Maktab perguruan' where she met my father..he..he..(my father was also a teacher, therefore, I was born to be a teacher!!).
Hopefully, my english is good too..or must good.

All in all, mum, you are the BEST....

p/s: Faizah, pls print and gave it to Mak..tq.

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